Wine analysis

Enzymatic Wine Testing Solutions

The science behind winemaking is known as oenology. A key part of the process involves enzymatic testing for a wide number of parameters to ensure quality is maintained in every bottle of wine produced.

Randox Food Diagnostics provide two instruments for wine analysis, the first being the semi-automated RX misano which is the perfect solution for wineries bringing testing in-house. The second is the RX monaco which is an efficient, cost-effective upgrade to a fully automated analyser.

Enzymatic wine testing kits

Randox Food Diagnostics provide enzymatic and colorimetric kits suitable for use throughout the winemaking process.

 Acetic Acid Ammonia  Citric Acid Copper
Free SO2 Glucose/Fructose
 L-Lactic Acid
L-Malic acid
Tartaric Acid
Total Sulphite (TS02)

Available on multiple applications

Randox Food Diagnostics enzymatic wine kits are available across multiple platforms

Rx misano semi automated analyser

Using the latest technology, the RX misano gives winemakers trusted results throughout the winemaking process.

Rx monaco fully automated analyser

The RX monaco is a fully automated wine analyser suitable for medium to large wine laboratories