Meat & Seafood Analysis

There are several different types of veterinary drugs used in meat and seafood cultivation to reduce mortality and improve production. Within the livestock industry the various types of drugs include growth promoters and synthetic steroids to produce leaner meat, anthelmintics and coccidiostats to combat parasitic worms and flukes, and in both the meat and seafood industries, bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. Within the aquaculture industry triphenylmethane dyes are often used for the treatment of fungal and protozoal infections. Residues of these drugs are highly regulated in food production.

Randox Food Diagnostics provides reliable and economical screening methods to monitor antimicrobials, growth promoting compounds, synthetic steroids, anthelmintics, coccidiostats and triphenylmethane dyes. For further information on each of our meat & seafood ELISA's and arrays, click on the links below.

Meat & Seafood Screening Platforms

Randox Food Diagnostics offer a range of meat and seafood biochip multi-analyte platforms to screen for veterinary drug residues.
Below is the full list of biochip test groups validated for Meat and Seafood

Antimicrobial Array I Ultra Antimicrobial Array II Antimicrobial Array III
Sulphamonomethoxine Tetracyclines AOZ
Sulphadiazine Quinolones AMOZ
Sulphadoxine Thiamphenicol AHD
Dapsone Tylosin SEM
Sulphachlorpyridazine Streptomycin
Sulphamethoxypyridazine Ceftiofur
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Antimicrobial Array III (CAP) only Beta Agonist Array (Zilpaterol only) Avermectins Only Array
Chloramphenicol Zilpaterol Avermectins

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Anthelmintics Array Growth Promoter Multiple Matrix Array Coccidiostats Array Ractopamine Only Array
Benzimidazoles Beta-Agonists Laslocid Ractopamine
Amino Benzimidazoles Boldenone Nicarbazin
Levamisole Corticosteroids Imidocarb
Nandrolone Toltrazuril Maduramicin
Avermectins Ractopamine
Nifurasol Metabolite
Thiabendazole Stanozolol Salinomycin
Moxidectin Stilbenes Clopidol
Triclabendazole Trenbolone Monensin
  Zeranol Robenidine
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Synthetic Steroids Array
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Higher throughput

45 samples assessed in under 2 hours

Consolidation of Testing

Multiple tests results from a single sample

Extensive menu of drug residue tests

10 Arrays covering over 40 compounds